1. Some of the first Lagunitas bottles filled in Chicago. #StrangeBrews http://ift.tt/1pgBKZJ

  2. Lots of Lagunitas kegs. #strangebrews http://ift.tt/1jdQila

  3. Lots of Lagunitas bottles. #strangebrews http://ift.tt/1jdhYWb



  5. Photos of Brewhub in Lakeland, Florida

    Thanks to Meghan Murphy Gill for taking these photos of Brewhub and Dr. Paul Farnsworth.

  6. We examine Brewhub, a new venture from former Anheuser-Busch executives that attempts to use contract brewing to help craft brewers grow their business. The first of six locations is in Lakeland, Florida and we got a tour from brewmaster Dr. Paul Farnsworth.
    We also try out the smoked liquids kit from The Poor Porker, also located in Lakeland. http://ift.tt/1sNzHeG

  7. Thanks to Off Color Brewing for the awesome DinoS’mores tasting for Strange Brews drawing winners last night!

  8. DinoS’mores #StrangeBrews tasting! http://ift.tt/1i6P2T8


  9. We talk with Anna Blessing about her new book, Locally Brewed: Portraits of Craft Breweries from America’s Heartland.
    We also discuss the Brewers’ Association’s new Top 50 craft breweries of 2013, Ten Ninety Brewing’s purchase of Big Chicago Brewing and beer brewed with prehistoric yeast.
    We drank Three Floyds Brewing’s Topless Witch Baltic porter. http://ift.tt/1fSJwPI


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  12. Photos from our trip to New Glarus Brewing



  14. We visit New Glarus Brewing on our Wisconsin road trip and explore the Hilltop facility with Randy Thiel, Quality Assurance Director for the brewery. He also takes us to their still-under-construction “wild fruit cave” to get an early look at their open fermentation efforts.

    We also discuss the Stone Brewing eastward expansion, using technology to track beer freshness and whether Portland is over-beered.

    We drink New Glarus Coffee Stout and Wild Sour Ale. We also have Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.


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