1. DinoS’mores #StrangeBrews tasting! http://ift.tt/1i6P2T8


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  8. It seems like every resident of Marshall, MI may have a mug here #strangebrews http://ift.tt/MO6ksv


  9. Our THIRD FAN! RT @jcmcmath: Recently discovered Inspired me to get out & brew today! You’ve got #3fans http://t.co/iHk3O2kaMW


  10. RT @WBEZCuriousCity: We’ll be on #TheAfternoonShift shortly talking Chi BEER conspiracy w #StrangeBrews podcaster @andrewgill Tune in! http://t.co/bleDd2IB1P

  11. It’s business as usual at the Goose Island Brewpub, #ChiBeria or not. #strangebrews http://ift.tt/1aBH4KO

  12. Taping a #StrangeBrews / Curious City crossover segment! http://ift.tt/19YyeGJ

  13. Taping #StrangeBrews at @theriph http://ift.tt/IImRfg