1. We visit the Oak Park Microbrew Review for the second time and catch up with Perennial Artisan Ales, Bent River Brewing and Pipeworks Brewing.
    In our news segment we question Deschutes Brewing about printing a “Best After” date on their barleywine bottles and talk Hobbit beer.
    All that, plus we out Peter Sagal’s secret love of fancy beer. http://ift.tt/1q32vza


  2. A bonus to episode 41, Alison Cuddy chats with Drew Fox about some specific beers he’s been working on lately. http://ift.tt/1AkgMes


  3. Shannon Cason of Homemade Stories (and The Moth and Snap Judgment) joined us in Gary, Indiana to chat with Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewing.
    This episode we also drink Pipeworks Simcoe Ninja Imperial IPA and Pipeworks Grillz Golden Strong Ale with grilled pineapple.
    News stories discussed include the growth of chain brewpubs, bicoastal brewers’ water woes and sexist beer labels.
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  4. Jared Rouben (brewmaster, Moody Tongue), Josh Noel (travel, beer & spirits writer, Chicago Tribune)and WBEZ’s Monica Eng (Chewing the Fat) join Strange Brews co-host Tim Akimoff on this episode to talk about food and beer pairings, beer as food and food as beer. http://ift.tt/1r9A82F


  5. Nerdette podcast co-host Tricia Bobeda fills in for Andrew Gill and Alison Cuddy in this episode. Tim and Tricia talk new Star Trek beer and the changing definition of craft beer while drinking seriously futuristic beer from Giant Brewing Co. And our feature this week is an interview with Lost Abbey’s Tomme Arthur. He’s a well-known figure in the craft beer scene and one of the world’s top brewers.

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  6. Fan #15, Alex Weller sent in these photos from the release party for Lost Rhino Brewing’s Bone Dusters Paleo Ale. It’s a beer made with prehistoric whale yeast! We included his report in episode 37.


  7. We spoke with Van Havig, founder of Gigantic Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon when he was in Chicago last December.
    He shares insights on the beer industry from his background as an economist.
    We also discuss new breweries opening in Chicago- including Homaru Cantu’s new project. High end wine forgeries also come up- and how they caught one of the Koch brothers in their snares.
    We drink Heady Topper by The Alchemist and Lakefront Brewery’s My Turn Series: John, a Dark Lager with Cherries. http://ift.tt/1stSwGf

  8. Photos of Ratsherrn Brewery in Hamberg, Germany by Alexandra Salomon.


  9. We interview Half Acre president Gabriel Magliaro inside the building they just bought in Chicago’s Bowmanville neighborhood about the brewery’s expansion plans, including the restaurant they’re adding to their Lincoln Avenue location.
    We drink Brewery Ommegang’s Fire and Blood Ale in honor of Game of Thrones.
    We discuss the newly signed Stone Law in South Carolina, Trader Joe’s new venture with Golden Road Brewing and how often drinkers are fooled by “crafty” beers. http://ift.tt/1mlzV6x


  10. We sample the music and beer called Rosabi from Dogfish Head and Julianna Barwick. Sound Opinions host Jim DeRogatis joins us to help assess the connection between this music and beer.
    We also talk about mapping the brewer’s yeast genome, brewpub distribution rules in Illinois and remember Rogue Brewing founder Jack Joyce.
    We also drink New Glarus Berliner Weiss. http://ift.tt/1poV1XQ


  11. We spoke with 3 Floyds’ head brewer Chris Boggess at Dark Lord Day 2014 in the 3 Floyds brewpub in Munster, Indiana. He elaborates on the brewery’s planned expansion and plans to make Dark Lord whiskey.
    We also talk about Pete Coors’ recent interview, sentiment analysis of Americans’ tweets on beer and the big sales slump for AB InBev in the first quarter of 2014.
    We drink an Organic Apricot by Samuel Smith Old Brewery. http://ift.tt/1qnappc


  12. "We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to the Lagunitas Beer Circus! To enter the drawing, tag Strange Brews Podcast in a Facebook post about a beer-related circus trick (like opening a bottle with another bottle or the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener). We’ll collect all the entries next Monday to draw two names. Go nuts!"

  13. In our final Florida show we drink our way across the state with Richard Sherfey, one of the owners of Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour in Orlando.
    We also talk about the Small BREW Act, which seeks to cut federal tax on small craft brewers in half and the nude beer festival scheduled for June in Pennsylvania.
    We drink Against the Grain’s All Funked Up: A Rick Astley Joint. http://ift.tt/1kdCoBI


  14. Senator Kirk backs Revolution, Small BREW Act

    Josh Deth and Senator Mark Kirk

    By Andrew Gill

    Revolution Brewing found an unlikely ally in Republican Senator Mark Kirk this week. On Wednesday Revolution’s “Chairman of the Party” Josh Deth gave Kirk a tour of his Kedzie Avenue facility and served him a porter beer named for socialist activist Eugene V. Debs. For his part, the Republican Senator said the brew was better than his favorite beer, Guinness.

    Kirk was at the brewery to tout his support for the Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce Act. He’s the 40th senator to co-sponsor the bill, which would cut federal taxes on craft breweries in half for the first 60,000 barrels they produce.

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  15. Here’s a nice promotional video about Illinois craft brewers designed to get you hyped for Chicago Craft Beer Week. It worked on us!