1. We visit Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida to talk with brew master Wayne Wambles. We cover their relationship with Brewhub, the Hopped Upon The High Seas project, the origins of the Florida Weiss style and Hunapu’s Day.
    We drank Big Sky Brewing’s All Souls Ale Imperial Saison. http://ift.tt/1lhCLPn


  2. We examine Brewhub, a new venture from former Anheuser-Busch executives that attempts to use contract brewing to help craft brewers grow their business. The first of six locations is in Lakeland, Florida and we got a tour from brewmaster Dr. Paul Farnsworth.
    We also try out the smoked liquids kit from The Poor Porker, also located in Lakeland. http://ift.tt/1sNzHeG

  3. Thanks to Off Color Brewing for the awesome DinoS’mores tasting for Strange Brews drawing winners last night!



  5. Photos from our trip to New Glarus Brewing



  7. We visit New Glarus Brewing on our Wisconsin road trip and explore the Hilltop facility with Randy Thiel, Quality Assurance Director for the brewery. He also takes us to their still-under-construction “wild fruit cave” to get an early look at their open fermentation efforts.

    We also discuss the Stone Brewing eastward expansion, using technology to track beer freshness and whether Portland is over-beered.

    We drink New Glarus Coffee Stout and Wild Sour Ale. We also have Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.


  8. Take a brief tour of the Madison, Wisconsin craft beer scene with Strange Brews and Kyle Nabilcy. Plus we sift through the rubble of Cigar City’s Hunahpu’s Day.


  9. Show your support for Strange Brews by donating at wbez.org/beer and you’ll be entered in a drawing to attend a tasting of DinoS’mores at Off Color Brewing. 20 names will be drawn, one keg will be drunk, three Strange Brews hosts will be there along with two brewers (John Laffler and Dave Bleitner) and one puppy.


  10. The first of our stops on our Wisconsin road trip was Lakefront Brewery, one of our favorite brewery tours anywhere.

  11. How To Do Everything’s Ian Chillag demonstrates his achievement in beer opening technique. 

    Listen to Episode 21 to hear the instructions.

  12. Two Brothers wins this round of new Illinois beer labels with Polar Vortex Dunkel Lager. If only that joke were still funny. Will this winter ever end?


    via Guys Drinking Beer


  13. Find out how failing can lead to better beer from Eric and Lauren Salazar of New Belgium Brewing. They run the sour beer and Lips of Faith lines there. And at least once they made beer bombs.


  14. We’ve talked about this a lot on the podcast, but it’s nice to see it handled in a longform article.


  15. For the first time in almost 70 years, the Indiana State Fair will have beer for sale.