1. We visit New Glarus Brewing on our Wisconsin road trip and explore the Hilltop facility with Randy Thiel, Quality Assurance Director for the brewery. He also takes us to their still-under-construction “wild fruit cave” to get an early look at their open fermentation efforts.

    We also discuss the Stone Brewing eastward expansion, using technology to track beer freshness and whether Portland is over-beered.

    We drink New Glarus Coffee Stout and Wild Sour Ale. We also have Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.


  2. Take a brief tour of the Madison, Wisconsin craft beer scene with Strange Brews and Kyle Nabilcy. Plus we sift through the rubble of Cigar City’s Hunahpu’s Day.


  3. The first of our stops on our Wisconsin road trip was Lakefront Brewery, one of our favorite brewery tours anywhere.

  4. How To Do Everything’s Ian Chillag demonstrates his achievement in beer opening technique. 

    Listen to Episode 21 to hear the instructions.


  5. Find out how failing can lead to better beer from Eric and Lauren Salazar of New Belgium Brewing. They run the sour beer and Lips of Faith lines there. And at least once they made beer bombs.


  6. In episode 20 we talk with Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project founder Dann Paquette about “tenant brewing” and how he helped kickstart the first Trappist brewery in North America.

    Plus, inter-family conflict over brewery trademarks and beer made with whale meat.


  7. The new episode of Strange Brews explores the world of fermented ciders with Ferdia Doherty of Farmhouse tavern in Chicago. Doherty is working on opening a cider-focused restaurant in Chicago called Nordcider.


  8. We’re back from our winter break with season two of Strange Brews! Our new episode was recorded at Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


  9. Track the locations of Strange Brews tapings on our new map


  10. We team up with WBEZ’s Curious City project to answer a question about a Chicago brewery that was accused of aiding the Germans during World War I.


  11. Spice up your New Year’s Eve celebration with a craft beer cocktail. We went to The Aviary to learn how on episode 15!


  12. Strange Brews from Rock Island Public House is now live!


  13. Strange Brews year end listicle is out now!


  14. Strange Brews comes ALIVE at Haymarket Pub and Brewery with Pete Crowley for Episode 12.


  15. Episode 10 is out now! We talk craft brewing in Gary, Indiana with Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewing and Pipeworks!